SUPERCHARGE Your Small Business: The Powerful 7-Step System I Created For Easily Attracting The Best Clients At The Highest Rates So I Could Work Less, Make (MUCH) More, And Get My Life Back! (digital program, coming soon)
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SUPERCHARGE Your Small Business: The Powerful 7-Step System I Created For Easily Attracting The Best Clients At The Highest Rates So I Could Work Less, Make (MUCH) More, And Get My Life Back! (digital program, coming soon)

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Get Unstuck From...Being Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Financially Drained By Your Unprofitable Small Business

Does any of this sound familiar?

You started your small business because you thought you could do it better than the boss.

A few years later you find yourself working longer hours than ever for less money. You are constantly stressed over schedules, employees, taxes, and cash flow. You miss family functions because you have to work late evenings and weekends. Your personal life, health, and family relationships have suffered. You may have even contracted a life-threatening disease. You haven't taken a vacation in 5 years.

Then one day reality hits you right between the eyes and you realize:


I've been there. As president for 23 years of the limousine company I founded in 1987, I learned much about human nature, money, and personal service.

For the first 15 years we were a general purpose limousine company; weddings, concerts, nights on the town, etc. This segment of the marketplace has 2 unique characteristics: (1) consumers are highly sensitive to price fluctuations in the economy so they often "price shop;" (2) as such they are more likely to treat your equipment like a rental car instead of an expensive piece of highly technical luxury transportation.

I clearly remember the night I committed myself to doing whatever it took to transition from this to corporate transportation exclusively. We had a white stretch limousine with a burgundy velour interior booked for a bachelorette party late one Saturday evening, followed by airport service early Sunday morning. The bride-to-be threw up everywhere in the car, and they all got out at the drop-off and stiffed the driver on the additional time and tip. I worked feverishly from 2am to 4am cleaning that mess up, all the while thinking to myself there must be a better way! 

Thus, my search to discover the keys to attracting the best clients in the world began; a search that included a published interview with one of the country's top marketing experts, Jay Abraham (see photo).

Two years and much research later I created my proprietary operational system which I call my World Travel Expediting (WTE) Program. It boasts:

* 90% sales closing rate

* A client base made up of like-minded, first-class individuals always respectful of the equipment and drivers

* Flawless cash flow - get paid immediately every trip

* Smooth, seamless, stress-free work flow in the office and on the road

all with ZERO BAD DEBT!

Once implemented, my WTE Program attracted a client base that grew to include senior executives from TRW, Bosch, Johnson Controls, Mitsubishi, Unilever, Cessna, MTV, Paramount Studios, Ritz Carlton, and Harley-Davidson.

In this clear and concise program I will teach you the 7 Steps to transform your business from stressful to stress-free:

1. How to identify your ideal client so that with one sales presentation you sell dozens of people

2. Where to find your ideal client without ever leaving your office

3. The best way to determine what your ideal client's top frustrations are

4. Keys to creating a proprietary system designed to solve these frustrations that will give you a HUGE competitive advantage 

5. Why your operational system MUST BE "air-tight;" so clear and simple that a total stranger could follow it and consistently do a great job

6. Essential ingredients for a sales presentation capable of a 90% closing rate (we did this often)

7. The role CONTROL plays in a negotiation, and where it MUST STAY on the negotiating table 

BONUS: I'll reveal the $150 investment I made that got people talking about, and calling my company from ALL AROUND THE WORLD even to this day, 7 years after closing down!

A "must-have" for every small business owner who values their health, wealth, relationships, and family.


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