SPEAK UP Wristbands:  Join the Movement
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SPEAK UP Wristbands: Join the Movement

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Get Unstuck From...Being Afraid To SPEAK UP When You Know Something Is Wrong 

In the 1960's, kids played outdoors. Every parent on the block looked after everybody else's kids. If little Johnnie fell off his bike and got hurt, he was comforted with a hug, given needed medical attention, and his mom and dad got a call. 

Today, people just turn and look the other way; afraid of being sued for improperly touching Johnnie or damaging him emotionally by spraying Bactine on his cut and making him scream. His parents lash out with, "My little Johnnie would never do something like that...some other kid must have pushed him!"

When society made the shift from looking after one another to "every man for himself", all sorts of evil crept in. And personal accountability went out the window

Hollywood executives and TV stars sexually abusing women. Misguided teens shooting up schools. Online bullying that leads to suicide. Sexual harassment and violence in the workplace. Therapists physically and mentally abusing their clients. Doctors taking advantage of innocent young girls. And the list goes on.

What do these events have in common? Simple:


When you get stuck, you are imprisoned and overwhelmed by misplaced guilt and unexplainable anger. You suddenly withdraw from life. Sadness and despair set in, which often lead to depression and suicide.

Show the world that you're on the side of good and take action. By wearing this stylish wristband with its powerful message you not only remind yourself, you encourage others to act on any type of wrongdoing they experience. It also serves as a subtle yet visible reminder to those around you that you will not be taken advantage of.

SPEAK UP when you see or are involved with: 

  • abusive authority figures
  • sexual abuse or harassment
  • social media posts threatening school or workplace violence
  • human trafficking
  • suspicious individuals and vehicles around child care centers
  • talk about suicide
  • "gun free" zone violations
  • bullying of those who can't defend themselves

As a proactive, like-minded community, together we can prevent tragedies like the ones involving the innocent victims at Michigan State University. Over 300 girls' lives, as well as the lives of everybody they touched, were PERMANENTLY DAMAGED because not a single person had the courage to SPEAK UP against an abusive authority figure, a major Big 10 University, and a powerful institution like USA Gymnastics.

It is said that every person knows 250 other people, either directly or indirectly. By taking a stand you will positively influence many, many people.

In the words of our 40th President, Ronald Reagan: "If not us, who? If not now, when?" 

Come join the SPEAK UP Movement.



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