About Us

Jeff Brandt is a mechanical engineer by degree, a limousine service owner by career, and an author by default. After 10 years of listening to bits and pieces of his story on the way to Detroit Metro Airport and exclaiming, "My god Jeff, that sounds like a book or a movie," it became clear Jeff's clients were trying to tell him something. In 2013 his highly acclaimed first book, Beware of the Therapist was published.

Readers agree that Jeff is a truly gifted writer who employs a clear, vivid, engaging writing style that elevates his readers from tragedy to triumph using his own experience as the vehicle. His works are insightful, educational, and guaranteed to move you; all with that rare "can't put it down" quality.

In 2016 Jeff spread out to digital publishing. His first work, Divorce Healing Blueprint, is a landmark program designed to help people who are stuck trying to recover from a divorce. It is a simple, concise "how to" guide that busts the 8 most common Myths about divorce recovery and offers a clear path to becoming bigger, better and stronger than ever.

The success of Divorce Healing Blueprint inspired Jeff to consider others area in life where people become stuck; lost in the day-to-day struggle of real life and losing themselves on the way. Thus the Get Unstuck Series was born.

Each product in the Get Unstuck Series is designed to help users identify, understand, and conquer a specific challenge most, if not all of us face during our lives. Current selections address personal tragedy, divorce, lack of purpose and direction and small business struggles. Programs, in general, are applicable to all age groups and any status in life.

New products are added as they become available. Once a product has been given a title and the outline is in rough form, the product becomes available on a pre-sale basis.

Products under consideration for release in 2019 include:

Get Unstuck From...Always Being Broke                                                                          

Get Unstuck From...Your Anger With "God"                                                                     

Get Unstuck From...The Negative Effects of Always Putting Yourself Last

Get Unstuck From…Not Experiencing Joy in Your Life Anymore

Get Unstuck From...The Loss of a Spouse, Parent, Child, Friend                                 

Get Unstuck From...Your Poor Health Habits  

Topics for products come from Jeff's own life experience, conversations with friends and strangers, and personal observation of the world around him. To make the Get Unstuck Series more interactive, Jeff encourages topic suggestions from his subscribers and customers.

In addition to his written products Jeff enjoys giving live presentations to groups from small civic organizations to large corporate audiences. His topics help businesses increase productivity and morale by addressing the personal needs of the individual first.

Born and raised in the suburban Detroit area, Jeff calls Livonia, Michigan home. A lifelong student of self-improvement, Jeff successfully brings many inspirational perspectives to his writing, motivating his readers to overcome their personal setbacks and live their best life.