Simple, Straightforward Written and Digital Products Designed to Put You Back In Control Of Your Life Quickly With Motivation, Meaning, Purpose and Direction

Do you see yourself in any of the images above? 

Are you feeling lost, confused, frustrated and overwhelmed? At your wits end and feeling like you have no control over anything? Struggling to find meaning in your life? No idea where to go, how to get there, or even why? And zero motivation if you did. Does it seem like no matter what you do nothing changes? 


My name is Jeff Brandt. In 1996 I bottomed out and became totally stuck in life. A devastating divorce paralyzed me with fear and guilt, draining me in every possible way and leaving me just a shell of my former self.

Every day it was a struggle just to do the things that used to come easily. At times things seemed hopeless. No direction. No purpose. Before I knew it I was in a rut: a grave with the ends kicked out. Not living, just existing.

Getting over it took a long time. Too long.

But along the way a very interesting thing happened. Every time I was asked about the circumstances of my divorce the response was exactly the same: “Oh my god Jeff, that sounds like a book or a movie!” I must have heard that 200 times or more.

What I didn’t realize was the universe was inviting me to a new place in my life. A place even better than before. A place where all the hurt and pain would be completely reframed and take on a whole new meaning for me, and, as it turns out, for you.

Twelve years after my divorce I responded to that call and wrote my first book, Beware of the Therapist. My goal was simple: to help others benefit from my trials. But I wanted others to heal and recover much more quickly than I did; avoiding the roadblock of wasting valuable time stuck in a mental and physical fog reliving a painful past over and over again. 

Writing about how I transformed my sadness, despair, and anger over my divorce into new meaning and purpose for my life was highly therapeutic. 

But then I got a wonderful surprise. Readers started saying that I have a gift for putting words to paper in a way that deeply moves them (Testimonials); helping them to understand they are not alone, restoring their hope, and motivating them to take action. They were spellbound; unable to put the book down. Some reported reading it in a single night.

The meteoric success of Beware of the Therapist, combined with my burning desire to help others drove me to produce my first digital program, Divorce Healing Blueprint, which pinpoints and busts the 8 Myths people "buy into" when trying to recover from a divorce, dramatically reducing the recovery time.  

From there, realizing how many areas of life people get stuck in, the Get Unstuck Series was born.

Breathe a huge sigh of relief as you regain control of your life and your future. Smile again, enjoy a renewed sense of optimism and joy, welcome the excitement and challenge of new and bigger goals, and delight in relationships built on a deeper, more meaningful level. 

I invite you to browse the Catalog below to see what is currently available as well as planned for the future. These programs are built around real life experience, and are designed to cut to the core of the specific topic to produce sweeping, positive results quickly.

You, your life, and the lives of those who are important to you will never be the same again.

Trust me. I know.


Welcome to Get Unstuck Series

You are not alone – it happens to all of us.

Little by little we get caught up in the “same old, same old” and one day you wake up to discover you’re stuck.

Maybe your relationship with your significant other has hit a wall and the spark is gone. Maybe your job no longer challenges or satisfies you but your financial commitments are so great you can’t pursue another venture. Maybe you have lost your sense of purpose, and with it, your passion for life.

There are reasons why we become stuck: fear of the unknown; inflated ego; low self-esteem; unresolved anger, shame and guilt; victim mentality; pride. But there are also ways to get unstuck. This series is designed to do just that.

The #1 key to getting unstuck in any area of life is simply this: control your thoughts.

Each program in the Get Unstuck Series is created with a combination of real life experience and research to help you understand how to do this.

Welcome to your new life.