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Beware of the Therapist! (paperback, 210 pages, signed by Jeff Brandt with inscription of your choice)

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Get Unstuck From...Thinking You Can't Overcome Your Personal Tragedy And Become Bigger, Better, And A Blessing To Others

Instantly attracted to her when they first met, Gini is everything Jeff wants in a wife: breathtakingly beautiful, deeply charismatic, smart, athletic, and fun. At age 36, she brings three hurt and confused daughters to their marriage. She also brings a hidden, troubled past that has rendered her depressed and suicidal.

Crumbling under the stress of a painful betrayal by her desperately envious sister and angry, critical mother, Gini decides to kill herself but is unsuccessful.

Enter Josh, Gini's therapist. Josh is young, never-married, and secretly filled with lust. Obsessed with Gini, he arranges one sexually charged, clandestine, drunken rendezvous after another with her disguised as part of her "treatment."

Follow Jeff to the depths of emotional hell--and back--as Josh destroys everything he held most dear and Jeff plans and executes his revenge; revenge that takes Josh down in the way he feared most.

In this riveting true story, author Jeff Brandt passionately describes his struggle to hold his new family together while battling every form of dark, dramatic human event: suicide, abortion, drug and alcohol abuse, family abandonment, betrayal, depression, lies, deceit, adultery, mental illness, and medical and legal malpractice.

Let yourself be inspired by how, after losing virtually everything, Jeff rediscovers the true meaning of his life. Meet Jay, a young man whose destiny is changed forever by Jeff's decision to get involved in a cause greater than himself as a way of healing.

As an added gift to his readers, Jeff has included two very special chapters to help you benefit from his experience: "What I Learned on My Journey: Tips for a Bright and Responsible Life" and "One Simple Solution for Every Problem Known to Man."

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