★★★★★  Amazing read. Well done Jeff 

It was an amazing read. Well done Jeff. I would highly recommend.  - Catherine N.

★★★★★   Great read - amazing story! 

This is a well written, amazing story that takes you through so many emotions - excitement (of meeting THAT person), happiness,unconditional love, struggle, perseverance, betrayal, heartbreak, faith, and triumph. If everyone showed the tremendous character in the face of adversity as Jeff did, the world would be a better, more peaceful place to live. It really is a hard book to put down.  - Laurie K.

★★★★★  Couldn't put it down

So many of us go through troubled relationships, this book was great at taking you step by step on what can go wrong. The tragic twist is what happens when you do all the right things, only to be sabotaged by the people that should be supporting you.  - Collette H.

★★★★★  A story that can help you heal

Author was open and sensitive while telling the whole story so eloquently. A life experience we all can be exposed to when we are blinded by love.  - Patricia A.

★★★★☆  I can't even explain the emotions...I cried a few times

Omg! First let me say when I had entered to win this book I was already VERY intrigued, so then I went to my kindle app on my phone and downloaded a sample. By then I just knew I HAD to read this book.

I felt ugh! I cant even explain the emotions. I felt so terrible for Jeff. He met and married Gini thinking he was getting this great woman, not to say she didn't sound great but a lot of things weren't put out there in the open. Then he goes on to help her raise her children, forms a bond with them. And Then BOOM. I'm not giving anything away :) I felt so many emtotions throught this book. I cried a few times just feeling so bad for the author and what he was dealing with. I HAVE NEVER in my adult life read non-fiction, but I am definitely glad I read this book. 

If your looking for a nice quick read that is emotionally charged I recommend it!

-  Courtney V.

★★★★★  Powerful, well written  

Jeff is a natural story teller. A lot of families could relate to some of the events that took place. I highly recommend!  - Kim T.

★★★★★  Couldn't put it down!

I read this book in two nights - I couldn't put it down! Be prepared to feel every human emotion as the author takes you through a story that could happen to any one of us. I just can't believe that he was able to hold onto his Christian faith through it all. By being brave enough to bare his soul and share his saga, Jeff Brandt has enlightened all of his readers with his hard-earned wisdom.  - Bonni K.

★★★★★  I was shocked

When I started reading your book I was shocked. The first couple of pages I almost cried. - Claudia M.

★★★★☆  The book was extremely well written

I love to read non-fiction especially when it is as well written as this. For a limo driver Jeff makes a pretty good author. I have to agree with someone else's comment that I thought this book would have more to do with the relationship with Gini, Jeff's wife and Josh, the therapist and how Josh destroyed the family and less to do with Jeff's personal hell being involved with Gini and her family in the first place. 

I hate to say it, but Gini is one incredibly selfish person. I have bipolar disorder and I do not sleep with my therapist or let him take me or my children out to drink! She needs to take some responsibility for her actions. Jeff was a doormat through all of this. He came out smelling like roses, but he really let Gini and her older daughter's get away with murder. I feel very sad about how his relationship with Elizabeth, the youngest daughter turned out, not to give too much away.

As I said, the book was extremely well written and is full of lessons for all of us as to how to act like upstanding individuals in times of crisis.  - Stacy C. 

★★★★★  Very well written...draws you in

Very well written book, clear and concise, and certainly an interesting story. It "draws you in," and has that "can't put it down" quality which is the mark of a "best seller." Excellent advice at the end, with rules to live by. - Richard M.

★★★★★  You are a very talented writer...

First, I would like to commend you on your work. You are a very talented writer, and I found your book to be both very insightful and quite engaging.

I have realized just now, today, why your manuscript has taken me longer to edit than usual. I couldn't figure it out before: It is very well written, yet it has been taking me about 3 times longer than usual. Here is the reason: Your work is full of emotion, and it is a testament to you as a writer that you are able to convey each emotion so well throughout the book. 

As an editor, I must reflect on all of this objectively; yet I must also put myself in the readers' shoes and process it more subjectively, feeling the emotion. This is why I've had to slow down and go over each part multiple times with care.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this amazing, wonderful, inspirational journey! It has benefited me in many personal and professional ways. 

- Julia K., editor of Beware of the Therapist 

★★★☆☆  When I started reading I really did enjoy it

In the beginning I wasn't sure what to expect of the book. Normally I don't read these kind of books because there's already too much drama going on in the world, however when I started reading I did enjoy it. The story is something a lot of people could imagine themselves being in or have possibly even experienced already.

Personally I didn't like the writing style, but for this book it does seem to work out. If you are looking for a book about the real world and it's problems, this is probably a good choice.The main character has an extremely strong personality and we all could probably learn a thing or two from him.  - Gerard A. 

★★★★★  It started off really big in the beginning and grabbed you

Very well written, easy to read. I couldn't put it down. - Mariel H.

★★★☆☆  It has the potential to be very influential for many individuals

Life is full of lessons that shape us and deeply influence our view of the world. Personal journeys, struggles, triumphs, losses, and relationships can be very profound experiences. Coming in a close second, though, is hearing about and learning from the stories of others, and Jeff Brandt has a notable story to tell. His journey was extraordinarily difficult: raising troubled stepchildren, his wife attempting suicide, dealing with an affair between his wife and her therapist, navigating a divorce, losing meaningful relationships, and finding a way to cope with it all. While the story is heavy, the chapters are short, manageable, organized, and easy to read, except for about the last quarter of the book which feels rather frantic and “jumpy.” It also took me until near the end to relate to the author because it felt vengefully biased at times making the reader question the accuracy of his account. My favorite part, however, is the first appendix entry, “What I Learned on My Journey: Tips for a Bright and Responsible Life.” The advice is generally uplifting and valuable, especially in light of Brandt’s preceding narrative. The book as a whole was worth the read, and I feel that it has the potential to be very influential for many individuals. Thank you for sharing your journey, Jeff. There is a lot to learn from what you experienced.  - Molly Anna Z.

★★★★★  You express yourself well

Got the book yesterday and finished it today.... wow.... what really helped me is seeing how you were able to take the high road. You express yourself well and I am so glad your journey has taken you to a good place.... you deserve it...  - Pat B.

★★★★☆  What an incredible story

Sadly, this kind of thing happens a great deal in the "underground," and you've done a very good (and brave, albeit painful) job bringing it to the surface.

- Catherine V.

★★★★★  Good job

Wow, this is an amazing story! - Monica S. 

★★★★★  Absolutely the best book I have ever read

Typically it takes me three chapters to get into a book. By the fifth chapter I am bored but think I have to finish for it might get better. At the end I realize it was a waste of my time.

Jeff Brandt's BEWARE OF THE THERAPIST! had me on the first page. Compelling, exciting, informative and so well written.I couldn't put it down but I didn't want it to end...

Absolutely the best book I have ever read and I have read many books.  - Fran P.